Автомобильные сокращения, расшифровки

Большой сборник автомобильных сокращений:

AIS – Automatic Idle Speed Motor (Chrysler)
ABSV – Air Bypass Solenoid Valve (Mazda)
ASD – Automatic Shutdown Relay (Chrysler)
CANP – Canister Purge Solenoid Valve (Ford)
CCEI – Coolant Controlled Idle Enrichment (Chrysler)
CEAB – Cold Engine Air Bleed
CER – Cold Enrichment Rod (Ford)
CFI – Cross Fire Injection (Chevrolet)
CIS – Continuous Injection System (Bosch)
CPI – Central Port Injection (GM)
CVR – Control Vacuum Regulator (Ford)
DEFI – Digital Electronic Fuel Injection (Cadillac)
DFS – Deceleration Fuel Shutoff (Ford)
EFC – Electronic Fuel Control
EFC – Electronic Feedback Carburetor (Chrysler)
EFCA – Electronic Fuel Control Assembly (Ford)
EFI – Electronic Fuel Injection
FBC – Feedback Carburetor System (Ford & Mitsubishi)
FBCA – Feedback Carburetor Actuator (Ford)
FCA – Fuel Control Assembly (Chrysler)
FCS – Fuel Control Solenoid (Ford)
FDC – Fuel Deceleration Valve (Ford)
FI – Fuel Injection
IAC – Idle Air Control (GM)
ISC – Idle Speed Control (GM)
ITS – Idle Tracking Switch (Ford)
JAS – Jet Air System (Mitsubishi)
MCS – Mixture Control Solenoid (GM)
MFI – Multiport Fuel Injection
MPFI – Multi Point Fuel Injection
MPI – Multi Port Injection
PECV – Power Enrichment Control Valve
PFI – Port Fuel Injection (GM)
SFI – Sequential Fuel Injection (GM)
SMPI – Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection (Chrysler)
TABPV – Throttle Air Bypass Valve (Ford)
TBI – Throttle Body Injection
TIV – Thermactor Idle Vacuum Valve (Ford)
TPI – Tuned Port Injection (Chevrolet)
TKS – Throttle Kicker Solenoid (Ford)
TSP – Throttle Solenoid Positioner (Ford)
TV – Throttle Valve

ABS – Anti-Lock Braking System

AFV – Alternative Fuel Vehicles

AT-PZEV – Advanced Technology Partial Zero-Emissions Vehicle (Meets PZEV standards and includes ZEV enabling technology)

ASL – Automatic Sound Leveling

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AVC-LAN – Audio Visual Communications Local Area Network uses a star style bus centered on the MFD (Multi Function Display) running at a Max of 17.8k bps connecting the components of the Audio Visual Systems including:
Audio Head Unit
MFD Multi Function Display
Navigation ECU
Gateway ECU

B Gear – Engine Braking, (it isn’t actually a gear) when you shift the transmission to this setting the engine will be used to slow down the car, it works similar to a “Jake Brake” used on the large semi-trucks (except the one for Prius is completely silent).

BEAN – Body Electronic Area Network using a daisy chain style bus running a Max of 10k bps connecting the Body components including:
Body ECU
Meter ECU
Transponder Key ECU
Transmission Control ECU
Power Source Control ECU
Smart ECU
Gateway ECU

BSOC – Battery State of Charge

CAFE – Corporate Average Fuel Economy (sales weighted average fuel economy, expressed in miles per gallon (mpg), of a manufacturer’s fleet of passenger cars or light trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 8,500 lbs. or less, manufactured for sale in the United States, for any given model year.)

CAN – Controller Area Network using a multi star style bus connection through 2 junction connectors and connecting main bus line at 500 kbps with a max of 1M bps provides connection for the main components of the HSD including:
Battery ECU
Skid Control ECU
steering angle sensor
Yaw Rate and Deceleration Sensor
Gateway ECU

CARB – California Air Resources Board

CAT – Catalytic Converter

CBG – Cleaner Burning Gasoline

Cd – coefficient of drag

CEL – Check Engine Light

Classic – The term used to identify the 2001, 2002, 2003 model years of Prius (also the 2001 in Japan only)

CNG – Compressed Natural Gas

CO2 – Carbon Dioxide

CVT – Continuously-variable Transmission

DIN – Deutsches Institut fьr Normung (German Institute for Standardization; similar to US ANSI)

DLC3 – Data Link Connector 3 sits over by your right knee and allows connection with the CAN and allows for obtaining Diagnostic Trouble Codes from any of the components of the system and allows for reprogramming of ECUs

DMV – Department of Motor Vehicles

DRL – Daytime Running Lights (sometimes DTR Lights)

DSP – Digital Signal Processing

DTC – Diagnostic Trouble Code

DVD – Digital Versatile Disc – the source disk for the navigation system, it contains the software and database for the mapping system

E10 – a mixed fuel – 90% gasoline, 10% ethanol

E85 – a mixed fuel – 85% Ethanol (gas blend)

ECU – Electronic Control Unit

ECU (expanded) – Electronic Control Unit any of the various computer control units in the car. Includes:

HV ECU Hybrid Vehicle ECU This is the brains of the HSD receiving and sending signals from all parts of the HSD turning driver request (shift, accelerator, break) into action by parts of the HSD system.

ECM Engine Module controls the ICE (spark, fuel injection, valve timing etc) delivering the proper amount of power to the system under direction of the HV ECU and informs HV ECU of ICE state.

Transmission ECU after receiving On signal from HV ECU monitors the Parking Switch (button) and when pressed it locks the hybrid trans axle and locks when brake is pressed and car is placed in D, R, N

Skid Control ECU Controls regenerative brake effect by MG2 and the hydraulic system to mimic a conventional hydraulic system as well as functions of Brake Assist, ABS (Antilock Brake System) and VSC (Vehicle Stability Control)

ECB ECU = Electronically Controlled Brake integrated into the Skid control ECU to calculate required brake force based on peddle effort and force.

EPS ECU = Electronic Power Steering ECU controls the power assist to steering column calculated from input from the Skid Control ECU and various sensors

Battery ECU monitors the SOC (State Of Charge) and battery temperature communicates with the HV ECU and controls the HV battery cooling fan.

Power Source Control ECU Controls the push button start system receives signals from switches and ECUs communicates to the HV ECU power on power off

Air Conditioning ECU calculates the compressor speed based on input from sensors using a nonlinear fuzzy logic system controls blower speed

Meter ECU Transmits vehicle speed signal, receives information if smart key is in vehicle and sound the warning sound in car on request of other ECUs (the source of the annoying beeps)

Body ECU receives door lock and unlock request and monitors if smart key is in vehicle transmits this to Smart ECU over a serial connection.

Transponder ECU Controls the HV immobilizer by recognizing the key ID code also works with Smart ECU in cars equipped with SKS. Transmits an HV stat authorization to the HV ECU

Smart ECU Checks ID code received from wireless transponders in the car and transmits the code to the Transponder ECU

Navigation ECU provides navigational features as well as Voice recognition and Bluetooth connection.

Gateway ECU provides communication between the 3 LANs (Local Area Network)

EPA – Environmental Protection Agency – a Federal group headed by the Executive Branch

EV – electric vehicle, the EV button refers to getting the Prius into electric only mode via a control, bypassing the computer’s control over the engine/motor.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FCC – Federal Communications Commission – controls frequencies for Homelink, Bluetooth, wireless phones and of course radio, television, satellite communications.

FCHS – Fuel-Cell Hybrid System (Toyota’s vision of the future–supposedly compatible with the THS)

FCHV – Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle

FE – Fuel Efficiency

Fob – this is actually not an acronym but describes the electronic “key” for the Prius. Fob comes from the use of pocketwatches. At one time a man would keep his pocketwatch attached to his vest or jacket by a chain. Eventually a decorative element was added to the chain, it was called a fob. This was then adapted to mean anything decorative attached to a chain, like a key fob. Later fobs took on a utilitarian function as electronic door locks would be opened with fobs.

GHG – Greenhouse Gas

GPS – Global Positioning System

H2 – Hydrogen

HCH – Honda Civic Hybrid

HEV – Hybrid-Electric Vehicle

HID – High Intensity Discharge, a type of headlight

HOV – High Occupancy Vehicle – nickname for carpool lanes in many states

HSD – Hybrid Synergy Drive

HV – High Voltage or Hybrid Vehicle

ICE – Internal Combustion Engine

IE – Internet Explorer – a web browser common on PCs, but not fully supported on Macs.

IG-ON – when you press the Power button twice without your foot on the brake.

IMA – Integrated Motor Assist – Honda’s hybrid technology

JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group – is a compressed picture file format, file can be viewed using QuickTime and web browsers

KB – Knowledge Base

km – kilometer

km/H – Kilometers Per Hour

LED – Light Emitting Diode – an alternate mode of illumination, instead of incandescent bulbs, they last longer because there is no filament that can be damaged in low impact situations and use less energy, they also light quicker when energy is applied to them but are not as bright as typical bulbs used for illumination so at this time are limited to use as brake lights.

LEV – Low Emissions Vehicle (The least stringent emission standard for all new cars sold in California beyond 2004)

LMPG – Lifetime Miles Per Gallon

LOTR – The Lord of the Rings

LPG – Liquid Petroleum Gas (Propane)

LSD – Limited Slip Differential

MeOH – Methanol

MFD – Multiple Function Display (the screen)

MG1 – the smaller motor-generator and ICE starter that is connected to the “sun” gear in the planetary gear set. It can run forwards and backwards, and under ECU control can generate mechanical force (e.g. when acting as “starter” for the gas engine) or can turn mechanical force from the engine into electricity.

MG2 – the larger “traction” motor-generator that is connected to the “ring” gear in the planetary gear set. It can also run forwards and backwards. It is DIRECTLY connected to the front drive wheels, and can supply power to move the car, and when regenerative braking occurs it converts motion power from the wheels back into electricity.

MIL – Malfunction Indicator Light

MPG – Miles Per Gallon – standard measure of fuel efficiency in USA

MPH – Miles Per Hour – standard measure of speed for cars

MSRP – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price

NAV – the navigational system option found in some Prius

NCF – New Car Features

NDF – Non-Documented Feature

NiMH – Nickel Metal Hydride (battery)

NOx – Nitrogen Oxide or Nitrogen Oxides

NVH – Noise, Vibration, Harshness

OBD – On Board Diagnostics

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

PbA – Lead Acid (battery)

PDF – Portable Document Format, file can be viewed using Adobe’s Acrobat Reader (a free program) as well as most web browsers that include the Acrobat plug-in.

PGU – Planetary Gear Unit the power transmission and distribution device of the HSG directs power between the ICE, MG1, MG2 and the wheels as directed by the HV ECU.

PID – Purposely Ignorant Driver

PPM – Parts Per Million

Priustoric – All that transpired before the Prius

PSD – Power-Split-Device–the planetary gear set which divides power between the ICE and the two electric motor-generators. It also functions as the continuously-variable transmission

PTC – Positive Temperature Coefficient

PZEV – Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle or Practically Zero Emission Vehicle – a SULEV tailpipe emissions vehicle that has no evaporative emissions when not in use.

RFG – ReFormulated Gasoline

RSS – basically a fast easy way to summarize a dynamic website using formattable text that is platform independent.

RTFM – Read The Fine Manual

SAB – side air bags

SKS – Smart Key System (formerly SS/SE)

SMR – System Main Relay connects and disconnects the HV power between the HV Battery and the inverter assembly.

SOC – state of charge, referring to the battery’s state of charge when viewing the Energy screen

SRS – Supplemental Restraint System

SS/SE – Smart Start and Smart Entry system

Stealth Mode – (also “EV mode”) driving the Prius on electric power only

STFU – Shut The F*** Up

SULEV – Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (90% cleaner than the average new 2003 model year vehicle)

SUV- Sport Utility Vehicle

TBN – Total Base Number (the remaining level of additives left after use)

TCE – Total Carbon Emissions

THHT – Toyota Hand-Held Tester…..plugs in to OBD II interface to read car’s computer codes

THS – Toyota Hybrid System…..refers to Toyota’s method of combining gas and electric power

THS-II – Toyota Hybrid System II = Hybrid Synergy Drive

TRAC – Toyota Rent a Car

TSB – Technical Service Bulletin

Turtle mode – driving the Prius with low battery, or battery too hot or two cold, so that an orange “turtle” icon shows near the speedometer, warning to avoid forceful acceleration

ULEV – Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (50% cleaner than the average new 2003 model year vehicle)

UOA – Used Oil Analysis (used to find out what is in the oil (contaminants) and also to see if there is an underlying problem with the ICE)

VIN – Vehicle Identification Number

VOC – Volatile Organic Compound

VSC – Vehicle Stability Control (sometimes referred to as Vehicle Skid Control), an option on the Prius that provides traction control

XM – a brand of satellite radio



/C air conditioning
AC air cleaner
AIR secondary air injection
A/T automatic transmission or transaxle
SAP accelerator pedal
B+ battery positive voltage
BARO barometric pressure
CAC charge air cooler
CFI continuous fuel injection
CL closed loop
CKP crankshaft position sensor
CKP REF crankshaft reference
CMP camshaft position sensor
CMP REF camshaft reference
CO carbon monoxide
CO2 carbon dioxide
CPP clutch pedal position
CTOX continuous trap oxidizer
CTP closed throttle position
DEPS digital engine position sensor
DFCO decel fuel cut-off mode
DFI direct fuel injection
DLC data link connector
DTC diagnostic trouble code
DTM diagnostic test mode
EBCM electronic brake control module
EBTCM electronic brake traction control module
EC engine control
ECM engine control module
ECL engine coolant level
ECT engine coolant temperature
EEPROM elecrically erasable programmable read only memory

EFE early fuel evaporation
EGR exhaust gas recirculation
EGRT EGR temperature
EI electronic ignition
EM engine modification
EPROM erasable programmable read only memory
EVAP evaporative emission system
FC fan control
FEEPROM flash electrically erasable programmable read only memory
FF flexible fuel
FP fuel pump
FPROM flash erasable programmable read only memory
FT fuel trim
FTP federal test procedure
GCM governor control module
GEN generator
GND ground
H20 water
HO2S heated oxygen sensor
HO2S1 upstream heated oxygen sensor
HO2S2 up or downstream heated oxygen sensor
HO2S3 downstream heated oxygen sensor
HC hydocarbon
HVS high voltage switch
HVAC heating ventilation and air conditioning system
IA intake air
IAC idle air control
IAT intake air temperature
IC ignition control circuit
ICM ignition control module
IFI indirect fuel injection
IFS inertia fuel shutoff
I/M inspection/maintenance
IPC instrument panel cluster
ISC idle speed control
KOEC key on, engine cranking
KOEO key on, engine off
KOER key on, engine running
KS knock sensor
KSM knock sensor module
LTFT long term fuel trim
MAF mass airflow sensor
MAP manifold absolute pressure sensor
MC mixture control
MDP manifold differential pressure
MFI multiport fuel injection
MIL malfunction indicator lamp
MPH miles per hour
MST manifold surface temperature
MVZ manifold vacuum zone
NVRAM nonvolatile randon access memory
NOX oxides of nitrogen
O2S oxygen sensor
OBD onboard diagnostics
OBD I onboard diagnostics generation one
OBD II onboard diagnostics, second generation
OC oxidation catalyst
ODM output device monitor
OL open loop
OSC oxygen sensor storage
PAIR pulsed secondary air injection
PCM powertrain control module
PCV positive crankcase ventilation
PNP park/neutral switch
PROM program read only memory
PSA pressure switch assembly
PSP power steering pressure
PTOX periodic trap oxidizer
RAM random access memory
RM relay module
ROM read only memory
RPM revolutions per minute
SC supecharger
SCB supercharger bypass
SDM sensing diagnostic mode
SFI sequential fuel injection
SRI service reminder indicator
SRT system readiness test
STFT short term fuel trim
TB throttle body
TBI throtle body injection
TC turbocharger
TCC torque converter clutch
TCM transmission or transaxle control module
TFP throttle fluid pressure
TP throttle position
TPS throttle position sensor
TVV thermal vacuum valve
TWC three way caalyst
TWC+OC three way + oxidation catalytic converter
VAF volume airflow
VCM vehicle control module
VR voltage regulator
VS vehicle sensor
VSS vehicle speed sensor
WU-TWC warm up three way catalytic converter
WOT wide open throttle


AAV anti-afterburn valve (Mazda)
AIR Air Injection Reaction (GM)
AIS Air Injection System (Chrysler)
CC catalytic converter
CCP controlled canister purge (GM)
CCV canister control valve
CEC Crankcase Emission Control System (Honda)
CFC Chlorofluorocarbons
CP canister purge (GM)
ECS Evaporation Control System (Chrysler)
EEC Evaporative Emission Controls (Ford)
EECS Evaporative Emissions Control system (GM)
EFE Early Fuel Evaporation system (GM)
EGR-SV EGR solenoid valve (Mazda)
EGRTV EGR thermo valve (Chrysler)
EVRV electronic vacuum regulator valve for EGR (GM)
HAIS Heated Air Intake System (Chrysler)
OC oxidation converter (GM)
ORC oxidation reduction catalyst (GM)
PAFS Pulse Air Feeder System (Chrysler)
PAIR Pulsed Secondary Air Injection system (GM)
PVS ported vacuum switch
TAC thermostatic air cleaner (GM)
TAD Thermactor air diverter valve (Ford)
TVS thermal vacuum switch
TVV thermal vacuum valve (GM)


C3 Computer Command Control system (GM)
C4 Computer Controlled Catalytic Converter system (GM)
CAS Clean Air System (Chrysler)
CCC Computer Command Control system (GM)
CVCC Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion system (Honda)
ECCS Electronic Concentrated Control System (Nissan)
EEC Electronic Engine Control (Ford)
ELB Electronic Lean Burn (Chrysler)
MCU Microprocessor Controlled Unit (Ford)
MISAR Microprocessed Sensing and Automatic Regulation (GM)
PGM-FI Programmed Gas Management Fuel Injection (Honda)
SCC Spark Control Computer (Chrysler)
TCCS Toyota Computer Controlled System


ACTS air charge temperature sensor (Ford)
AFS air flow sensor (Mitsubishi)
AFM air flow meter
APS absolute pressure sensor (GM)
APS atmospheric pressure sensor (Mazda)
ATS air temperature sensor (Chrysler)
BARO barometric pressure sensor (GM)
BMAP barometric/manifold absolute pressure sensor (Ford)
BP backpressure sensor (Ford)
BPS barometric pressure sensor (Ford & Nissan)
BPT back-pressure transducer
CAS crank angle sensor
CESS cold engine sensor switch
CID cylinder identification sensor (Ford)
CMP camshaft position sensor (GM)
CP crankshaft position sensor (Ford)
CTS charge temperature switch (Chrysler)
CTS coolant temperature sensor (GM)
CTVS choke thermal vacuum switch
ECT engine coolant temperature (Ford & GM)
EGO exhaust gas oxygen sensor (Ford)
EGRPS EGR valve position sensor (Mazda)
EOS exhaust oxygen sensor
EPOS EGR valve position sensor (Ford)
EVP EGR valve position sensor (Ford)
FLS fluid level sensor (GM)
HEGO heated exhaust gas oxygen sensor
IAT inlet air temperature sensor (Ford)
IATS intake air temperature sensor (Mazda)
KS knock sensor
MAF mass airflow sensor
MAP manifold absolute pressure
MAT manifold air temperature
MCT manifold charge temperature (Ford)
OS oxygen sensor
PA pressure air (Honda)
PIP profile ignition pickup (Ford)
SS speed sensor (Honda)
TA temperature air (Honda)
TP throttle position sensor (Ford)
TPP throttle position potentiometer
TPS throttle position sensor
TPT throttle position transducer (Chrysler)
TVS thermal vacuum switch (GM)
VAF vane airflow sensor
VSS vehicle speed sensor
WOT wide open throttle switch (GM)
WSS wheel speed sensor


ALCL assembly line communications link (GM)
ALDL assembly line data link (GM)
ASDM airbag system diagnostic module (Chrysler)
BCM body control module (GM)
CALPAK calibration pack
CECU central electronic control unit (Nissan)
CPU central processing unit
DERM diagnostic energy reserve module (GM)
DLC data link connector (GM)
EACV electronic air control valve (Honda)
EBM electronic body module (GM)
EBCM electronic brake control module (GM)
ECA electronic control assembly
ECM electronic control module (GM)
ECU electronic control unit (Ford, Honda & Toyota)
EEPROM electronically erasable programmable read only memory chip
EPROM erasable programmable read only memory chip
EI electronic ignition (GM)
IC integrated circuit
ICS idle control solenoid (GM)
ISC idle speed control (GM)
LCD liquid crystal display
LED light emitting diode
MIL malfunction indicator lamp
PCM powertrain control module (supercedes ECM)
PROM program read only memory computer chip
SES service engine soon indicator (GM)
TCC torque converter clutch (GM)
VCC viscous converter clutch (GM)


BID Breakerless Inductive Discharge (AMC)
CDI Capacitor Discharge Ignition (AMC)
C3I Computer Controlled Coil Ignition (GM)
COP Coil On Plug ignition
CSSA Cold Start Spark Advance (Ford)
CSSH Cold Start Spark Hold (Ford)
DIS Distributorless Ignition System (Ford)
DIS Direct Ignition System (GM)
EDIS Electronic Distributorless Ignition System (Ford)
HEI High Energy Ignition (GM)
ITCS Ignition Timing Control System (Honda)
SDI Saab Direct Ignition
SSI Solid State Ignition (Ford)


CCD computer controlled dwell (Ford)
CCEV Coolant Controlled Engine Vacuum Switch (Chrysler)
CSC Coolant Spark Control (Ford)
CSSA Cold Start Spark Advance (Ford)
CTAV Cold Temperature Actuated Vacuum (Ford)
CTO Coolant Temperature Override Switch (AMC)
DRCV distributor retard control valve
DSSA Dual Signal Spark Advance (Ford)
DVDSV differential vacuum delay and separator valve
DVDV distributor vacuum delay valve
ESA Electronic Spark Advance (Chrysler)
ESC Electronic Spark Control (GM)
ESS Electronic Spark Selection (Cadillac)
EST Electronic Spark Timing (GM)
OSAC Orifice Spark Advance Control (Chrysler)
PVA ported vacuum advance
PVS ported vacuum switch
SAVM spark advance vacuum modulator
SPOUT Spark Output signal (Ford)
SRDV spark retard delay valve
TAV temperature actuated vacuum
TCS Transmission Controlled Spark (GM)
TIC thermal ignition control (Chrysler)
TRS Transmission Regulated Spark (Ford)
VDV vacuum delay valve


AIS automatic idle speed motor (Chrysler)
ABSV air bypass solenoid valve (Mazda)
ASD automatic shutdown relay (Chrysler)
CANP canister purge solenoid valve (Ford)
CCEI Coolant Controlled Idle Enrichment (Chrysler)
CEAB cold engine air bleed
CER cold enrichment rod (Ford)
CFI Cross Fire Injection (Chevrolet)
CIS Continuous Injection System (Bosch)
CPI Central Port Injection (GM)
CVR control vacuum regulator (Ford)
DEFI Digital Electronic Fuel Injection (Cadillac)
DFS deceleration fuel shutoff (Ford)
EFC electronic fuel control
EFC electronic feedback carburetor (Chrysler)
EFCA electronic fuel control assembly (Ford)
EFI electronic fuel injection
FBC feedback carburetor system (Ford & Mitsubishi)
FBCA feedback carburetor actuator (Ford)
FCA fuel control assembly (Chrysler)
FCS fuel control solenoid (Ford)
FDC fuel deceleration valve (Ford)
FI fuel injection
IAC idle air control (GM)
ISC idle speed control (GM)
ITS idle tracking switch (Ford)
JAS Jet Air System (Mitsubishi)
MCS mixture control solenoid (GM)
MFI multiport fuel injection
MPFI multi point fuel injection
MPI multi port injection
PECV power enrichment control valve
PFI port fuel injection (GM)
SFI Sequential Fuel Injection (GM)
SMPI Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection (Chrysler)
TABPV throttle air bypass valve (Ford)
TBI throttle body injection
TIV Thermactor idle vacuum valve (Ford)
TPI Tuned Port Injection (Chevrolet)
TKS throttle kicker solenoid (Ford)
TSP throttle solenoid positioner (Ford)
TV throttle valve


A/C air conditioning
AC alternating current
A/F air/fuel ratio
A/T automatic transmission
ATC after top center
ATDC after top dead center
ATF automatic transmission fluid
AWD all-wheel drive
BAT battery
BHP brake horsepower
BTC before top center
BTDC before top dead center
Btu British thermal units
C Celsius
CC cubic centimeters
cfm cubic feet per minute
CID cubic inch displacement
dB decibels
DC direct current
DOHC dual overhead cams
DVOM digital volt ohm meter
EMI electromagnetic interference
F Fahrenheit
ft.lb. foot pound
FWD front-wheel drive
gal gallon
GND ground
GPM grams per mile
Hg mercury
hp horsepower
IGN ignition
ID inside diameter
I/P instrument panel
kHz kilohertz
kPa kilopascals
Km kilometers
KV kilovolts
L liters
lb. ft. pound feet
mm millimeters
ms millisecond
mV millivolts
MPG miles per gallon
MPH miles per hour
Nm Newton meters
OD outside diameter
OE original equipment
OEM original equipment manufacture
OHC overhead cam
P/B power brakes
P/N part number
PPM parts per million
PS power steering
PSI pounds per square inch
pt. pint
Qt. quart
RFI radio frequency interference
RPM revolutions per minute
RPO regular production option
RWD rear-wheel drive
SOHC single overhead cam
TACH tachometer
TDC top dead center
V volts
VAC volts alternating current
VDC volts direct current
VIN vehicle identification number
WOT wide open throttle


ABS antilock brake system
AERA Automotive Engine Rebuilders Assn.
API American Petroleum Institute
ASE Automotive Service Excellence
ATMC Automotive Training Managers Council
CAAT Council of Advanced Automotive Trainers
CAFE corporate average fuel economy
CARB California Air Resources Board
CCOT clutch cycling orifice tube
DOT Department of Transportation
DRBII Diagnostic Readout Box (Chrysler)
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
FMVSS Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
FUBAR F–ked Up Beyond All Repair
IIIBDFI If it isn’t broke don’t fix it
IM240 inspection/maintenance 240 program
ISO International Standards Organization
KISS Keep It Simple Stupid!
MACS Mobile Air Conditioning Society
MAMA Midwest Automotive Media Assn.
MAP Motorist Assurance Program
MSDS material safety data sheet
NACAT National Assn. of College Automotive Teachers
NATEF National Automotive Technician’s Education Foundation
NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
OBD onboard diagnostics
PERA Production Engine Rebuilders Assn.
QS9000 Quality assurance standard for OEM part suppliers
RABS Rear wheel Antilock Brake System (Ford)
RWAL Rear Wheel Antilock brake system (GM)
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
STS Service Technicians Society
SIR Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (air bag)
SRS Supplemental Restraint System (air bag)

A/C Air Conditioning [USA] Кондиционер воздуха
AAC Auxiliary Air Control [USA] Управление дополнительным воздуховодом
AAMA American Automobile Manufactures Association [US] Американская ассоциация автопроизводителей
AAV Auxiliary Air Valve [USA] Клапан дополнит. воздуха
AB Airbag Подушка безопасности
ABDC After Bottom Dead Centre После НМТ
ABS Anti Blockier System [MERCEDES, DIFF.] Антиблокировочная система
ACC Automatic Climate Control [USA] Климат контроль
ACC A/C Clutch Compressor [USA] Компрессор кондиционера
AAC Adaptive Cruise Control [BOSCH] Адаптивное управление скоростью
ABS Supplemental Restraint System (Airbag) [BMW]
ACEA Association desConstructeurs Europeens d’Automobiles [EU] Европейская Ассоциация конструкторов автомобилей
ACS Air Conditioner Sensor [PORSCHE] Датчик кондиционера воздуха
ACT Air Charge Temperature sensor [FORD] Датчик температуры всасываемого воздуха
ACV Air Control Valve [FORD] Клапан управления воздухом
A/D Analog/Digital [BMW] Аналог/цифра
ADA Active Drive Assist [SUBARU]
ADC Automatic Damping System [BOGE, SACHS] Автоматическая демпфирующая система
ADM =Automatic Dimming inside rearview Mirror [MERCEDES]= Автоматическая система управления тягой
ADS Adaptivem Dampfungs System [MERCEDES,FORD] Автоматическая демпфирующая система
AEGS Electronic Automatic Tramnsmission System [BMW] Электронная система АКПП
AEI Advance Electronic Ignition [CITROEN] Усовершенствованная система электронного зажигания
AG Automatic Transmission [BMW] АКПП
AFS Air Flow Sensor [FORD] Расходомер воздуха
AHK Aktiven Hinterachs-Kinematik [BMW] (Кинематика ведущей задней оси)
AIR Secondary AIR Injection [OBD II], [PORSCHE]
AIV Air Inject Valve [US] Puls air ?
AKF AktivKohleFilter [BMW] Адсорбер паров топлива
ALB Anti – Lock – Brake [ ] Тормоз с антиблокировкой
ALDL Assy Line Diagnostic Link [US ?]
ALU Arithmetic-Logic Unit [ ] Арифметикологическое устройство
ANC Active Soice Control [ ]
AP Accelerator Pedal [MERCEDES] Педаль акселератора
APC Adaptive Pilot Control [ ] Адаптивный круиз-контроль
APC Air Pressure Control [ ] Управление наддувом двигателя
APC Automatic Performance Control [SAAB] Система управления двигателем
API American Petroleum Institute [USA]
APS Auto – Pilot – System [MERCEDES] Система “Автопилот”
ARC Automatic Ride Control [FORD] Автоматическое управление движением
AS Antenna System [MERCEDES] Система антенны
ASC Automotive Service Councils of california [USA], [BMW]
ASC Automatische Stabilitats Control [BMW] Автоматическое управление стабилизацией
ASC Antriebs Schlupf Control [BMW] Антипробуксовочная система
ASC+T Automatische Stabilitats Control +Traktionshilfe [BMW] Отключаемая противобуксовачная система
ASD Automatic Locking Differential [MERCEDES] Автоматически блокируемый дифференциал
ASE Automotive Service Excellence [USA]
ASR AntriebSchlupfRegelung [DIFF.,MERCEDES] Система контроля тяги
ASSYST Active Service System [MERCEDES] Система активного сервиса
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials [USA] Американское общество испытаний и материалов
AT Automatic Transmision Автоматическая коробка
ATA Anti-Theft Alarm system [MERCEDES]
ATC Automatic Temperature Control [USA] Автоматическое управление температурой
ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid [USA] Масло для автоматических трансмиссий
ATDC After Top Dead Center [ ] После НМТ
ATTS Active Torque Transfer System [HONDA] Активная система передачи крутящего момента
AU Abgas Untersuchung [GERMANY]
AUC Automatische Umluft Control [BMW] Автоматическое управление обдувом
AWD All Wheel Drive [ ] Полный привод
AWG American Wire Gauge [USA]
 AGS Adaptive Getriebe-Steuerung [BMW] Адаптивное управление КПП
AKR AntiKlopfRegelung [MERCEDES]


4WD (four wheel drive)полный привод (как правило, постоянный)
4WS (four wheel steering)полное управление (рулевое управление всеми колесами)
4А/Тчетырехскоростная автоматическая коробка передач
5А/Тпятискоростная автоматическая коробка передач
ABSантиблокировочная система тормозов
А/С, ACвоздушный кондиционер
АССположение замка зажигания (включен стеклоочиститель, радио, прикуриватель)
АСС (accessary)добавочное питание
ACL (air cleaner)воздухоочиститель
ADJ (ADJUST)регулировка
A/F (air fuel ratio)состав топливно-воздушной смеси
AFSдвойное активное управление
AIR FLOW METERдатчик расхода воздуха
ALBантиблокировочная система
ALT (alternator)генератор
ALT (altitude)высота
AM 1питание первой группы контактов замка зажигания
AM 2питание второй группы контактов замка зажигания
А/Тавтоматическая трансмиссия
ATF (automatic transmission fluid)жидкость для автоматической трансмиссии
AWD (all wheel drive)полный привод (как правило, подключаемый)
BARO (barometric pressure)атмосферное давление
В BEAMдальний свет
BLOWER MOTORмотор отопителя салона (он же – кондиционера)
BOOSTвеличина вакуума во впускном коллекторе
BREAKERтепловой размыкатель (предохранитель многократного действия)
CONTROL САС (charge air coder)охладитель всасываемого воздуха
CAM-CAMSHAFTраспределительный вал
ССкубический сантиметр
CDS FAN (condenser fan motor)мотор вентилятора, охлаждение конденсора (радиатора кондиционера)
CHECK CONNECTORпроверочный разъем
CHG – CHARGEзарядка
CHOKEвоздушная заслонка
CIцентральный впрыск
CIG FUSEпредохранитель прикуривателя
СКР (crankshaft position)положение коленчатого вала
СМН (cold mixture heater)нагреватель топливной смеси
СМР (camshaft position)положение распредвала
СО (carbon monoxide)окись углерода
CRANK (crankshaft)коленчатый вал
CVTклиноременный бесступенчатый вариатор (особый тип АКПП)
DEF (defogger)размораживатель, подогрев заднего (переднего) стекла
DI (distributor ignition)распределить зажигания
DOHC (double overhead camshaft)двойной распредвал в головке блока
DOMEпанель приборов, салон
DTS (diagnostic trouble code)коды самодиагностики
DTM (diagnostic tast mode)режим диагностики
Е – EARTH“земля” (корпус)
EAIподача воздуха в выпускную систему
ЕВСМ (electronic brake control module)электронный блок управления тормозами
ЕСС (emission control computer)блок управления выбросами (испарениями) двигателя
ECIэлектронный центральный впрыск (тоже CI)
ЕСТ (electronic control transmission)электронное управление трансмиссией
ЕСТ (engine coolant temperature)температура двигателя
ECU (electric control unit)электрический блок управления
EFIэлектронный впрыск топлива
EGR (exhaust gas i circulation)возврат выхлопных газов
EPSэлектронное управление амортизаторами
ЕСТ EVAP (evaporative)система отсоса паров (из бензобака)
FAN MOTORмотор вентилятора
FAN I/UP RELAYреле повышения оборотов холостого хода при включении вентилятора
FC (FCUT) – FUEL CUTотсечка топлива
FL (fusible link)предохранительная вставка
FOG LIGHTSпротивотуманные фары
FUEL PAMPтопливный насос
FUSIBLE LINKпредохранительная линия
FWD (front wheel drive)передний привод
GLOG PLUGсвеча накаливания
НАС (high altitude compensation)система компенсации атмосферного давления
HAI (hot air system)система подачи горячего воздуха во впускной коллектор (при работе двигателя на сильном морозе)
HAZ (hazard)аварийная сигнализация
HTR (heater)нагреватель
IAC (idle air control)управление воздухом в режиме холостого хода
IDL (idle)холостой ход
IG (IGN) – ignitionзажигание
IGNITION COILкатушка зажигания
I/UP – idle upувеличение оборотов холостого хода
LO – L. LOCKблокировка
MANU MAP (mass air flow)измеритель объема воздуха
MAIN RELAYглавное реле
МС (mixture control)управление составом смеси
MIL (malfunction indicator lamp)лампа неисправности (“check”)
MPIмноготочечный впрыск
Mud GuardБрызговики
М/Тмеханическая (ручная) трансмиссия
O/D – over driveповышенная передача
2 WAY O/Dавтоматическое отключение повышенной передачи
ОНС – (overhead camshaft)распредвал в головке блока цилиндров
OX SENSORдатчик кислорода
РСВ (POWER CB) – power control blockсиловой блок управления (обычно блок управления дверьми, стеклами)
PCV (positive crancase ventilation)система вентиляции картера
PPS (progressive power steering)система управления усилия на руле
PRE HEATING TIMERреле времени предварительного нагрева (обычно свечей накаливания)
PWR (power)мощностной режим
RDI FAN (radiator fan motor)мотор вентилятора радиатора охлаждения двигателя
REAR WASHER MOTORмотор заднего омывателя стекла
REAR WINDOW DEFOGGERобогреватель заднего стекла
R.P.M.обороты в минуту
RTR MOTOR – retract motorмотор открытия-закрытия фар
RWD (rear wheel drive)задний привод
SOHC (singl overhead camshaft)один распредвал в головке блока
S/W (switch)выключатель
TAILгабаритные (огни)
ТВ (throttle body)блок дроссельной заслонки
THROTTLE POSITION SENSORдатчик положения дроссельной заслонки
THA – temperature heat airтемпература воздуха
TGHтемпература выхлопных газов
THW – temperature heat waterтемпература охлаждающей жидкости (воды, “тосола”)
VACUUM SENSORдатчик вакуума
VSV (vacum solenoid valve)электромагнитный клапан на вакуумной магистрали
WD (wheel drive)ведущие колеса
WS (wheel steer)управляемые колеса
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